• Harford & Cecil County Criminal Defense Lawyer

    If you have been charged with a crime in Harford or Cecil County, Maryland, you need to make sure you get the representation you deserve! Find out how we can help.


  • DUI / DWI Attorney

    A driver may receive a DUI if he is operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content of .08 percent or above, regardless of whether his driving is impaired.

    If you have been charged with a DUI or DWI, you need to contact us right away. A DUI/DWI in Harford & Cecil County, Maryland is taken very serious.


  • Personal Injury Attorney of Harford & Cecil County

    Have you or a loved one been involved in a car accident due to someone else's irresponsible driving? Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.


Trial Attorney

When you have a serious legal matter such as a criminal charge or DUI charge or you have been injured at work or in an auto accident you want effective, understandable legal representation. You want an attorney who will prepare you for what is ahead while fighting to protect your interests.

I'm trial Attorney Timothy Cook. I represent people in Harford County, Maryland and Cecil County, Maryland, and Baltimore County, Maryland. I also represent people who have been charged with a crime or injured in auto accidents in all counties in Maryland. I have dedicated my professional life to the tradition of public service, using my knowledge and legal skill to help real people obtain real resolution to their legal problems. Contact my Bel Air Maryland law office for a free initial consultation today. I help people with the following types of legal issues:

  • DUI / DWI Charges of all types including 1st offense, 2nd offense, 3rd offense, Ambien DUI, CDL Holder DUI and DUI with Child in Vehicle
  • Personal injury claims after car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, dog bites, or being injured using a dangerous or defective product
  • Workers' compensation cases including back injuries, slip and fall injuries and fatal work accidents
  • Criminal defense for Cecil County and Harford County residents who have been arrested and charged with any Maryland misdemeanor or felony
  • Juvenile offenses including Underage Consumption, Minor In Possession, Juvenile DUI and Juvenile Sex Offenses
  • Child Pornography
  • Sex crimes including rape, date rape, child pornography and indecent exposure
  • Wrongful death including fatal car accidents, fatal trucking accidents, fatal motorcycle accidents and fatal premises liability accidents
  • Traffic violations including driving while suspended, driving without insurance, reckless driving, texting while driving and vehicular manslaughter

Do You Need A Bel Air Attorney To Handle Your Case

It is true that in many legal situations you may not need an attorney to represent you. Very few scenarios involving the law, courts and legal syatem mandate that you have an attorney present. However, it is always to consult with, and ultimately retain, an attorney who has experience handling your type of case. For instance, if facing DUI/DWI or criminal charges you will need the help of an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney. Otherwise, it is not guaranteed that your rights will be protected nor will the best possible outcome be acheived. If you are injured in an accident, or you lose a loved one in an accident, your entire life can be impacted for years to come if you are not represented by a Maryland personal injury attorney. The average person is defenseless against the insurance carriers if an accident attorney is not handling your Maryland auto accident, personal injury, workers' compensation or wrongful death claim.

Why Retain Harford County Lawyer Timothy A. Cook

Bel Air Maryland Attorney Timothy Cook understands the seriousness of your situation and wants to obtain the best possible outcome for you. With 29 years of experience, he is dedicated to providing clients with aggressive legal representation in criminal cases, DUI charges, serious traffic cases, auto accident claims, workers comp claims and personal injury matters.

Contact Bel Air Maryland Criminal Lawyer Timothy A. Cook

Do not hesitate to contact Bel Air Maryland Attorney Timothy A. Cook for a free consultation. Mr. Cook serves those with legal needs throughout Harford County, Aberdeen Proving Ground Federal Court, and Cecil County including Elkton, Chesapeake City, North East, Rising Sun, Bel Air, Aberdeen, Havre De Grace, White Marsh and Edgewood, Maryland.


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