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Bel Air Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers

criminal defense attorneyAre you facing any type of criminal charges, DUI charges or serious traffic violation charges in the Bel Air, MD area? When you are charged with a crime you need an experienced Bel Air Criminal Lawyer that is serious about defending you or your loved one. Harford County Criminal Lawyer Timothy A. Cook is an experienced trial lawyer with a proven track record in defending people charged with serious crimes. If you are looking for a Criminal Lawyer to stand up for you and protect your guaranteed Constitutional Rights, then you have arrived at the right place. 

Bel Air Criminal Defense Attorney Timothy A. Cook has represented thousands of people in Harford & Cecil County charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes. He has represented many clients and have achieved successful results in cases that were thought to be impossible to defend. What makes his style unique and separates him from other Bel Air Maryland criminal lawyers is that he passionately cares about his clients and takes his responsibility as a defender of justice seriously. Mr. Cook's dedication is to his clients ONLY and the ethical practice of law.

Criminal Defense Representation for the following:

  • Property crimes including robbery, arson and burglary
  • Violent crimes such as assault, murder
  • Bad Check
  • Crimes against children including child abuse and neglect
  • Sex crimes including rape, child pornography and sexting
  • Misdemeanors such as disorderly conduct
  • Domestic Violence
  • DUI / DWI including Ambien DUI, CDL DUI and drugged driving
  • Drug crimes such as possession, sale and drug paraphernalia possession
  • Escape
  • False Imprisonment
  • Firearm and weapons offenses
  • Fleeing and Eluding
  • Traffic offenses including uninsured driving and driving while suspended
  • White collar crimes such as forgery, embezzlement and fraud














Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

When faced with criminal charges in the Bel Air, Maryland area you need outstanding representation. After all, a criminal conviction is life changing and can be permanent on your criminal record. Even if you move to another State, it will follow you. A criminal conviction can and most likely will prevent you from getting the job you want, it can ruin your credit, it can prevent your from buying a home or renting an apartment. There are many other consequences from having a Criminal conviction or your record.

Being arrested for a criminal offense opens up a complex legal minefield that only an experienced Bel Air criminal lawyer can navigate. Having a license to practice law is not enough. You need a lawyer with the experience and know how to get the job done.

Don't wait! Call or stop by our Harford County criminal defense office immediatey for a free consultation. Once this is over you'll be glad you did!

Bel Air Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Timothy A. Cook serves the accused throughout Cecil and Harford County, Maryland including Aberdeen, Bel Air, Edgewood, Elkton, Havre De Grace, Joppa, North East, Perryville, Rising Sun and White Marsh Maryland.