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Juvenile Lawyer in Harford & Cecil County, Maryland

juvenile crime harford county mdIf you're under the age of 17 and you've been arrested or charged with a crime, The Law Offices of Timothy A. Cook can aggressively defend you in court. Mr. Cook knows how to exploit the weaknesses in the case prosecutors bring against you.

Juveniles are defined as minors or those under the age of 17. In most cases juveniles are treated differently from adult offenders. Even though many juvenile offenses, such as shoplifting, receiving stolen property, assault, etc., are comparable to adult offenses, the penalties could often be more severe for juveniles.

There are separate courts, institutions, and rules governing the juvenile process; and generally the juvenile court system will make every effort to rehabilitate the child rather than choose incarceration. Only in extreme cases such as murder, kidnapping, arson and rape will a juvenile be tried as an adult in Harford &Cecil County, MD.

Experienced Juvenile Attorney of Maryland

The laws may differ for adults and juveniles, but for the most part, the rights do not. Please call our Harford County (Bel Air) office for a free consultation or contact us online.